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Invasive Species Control

Japanese Knotwweed

Non-native invasive species are one of the most serious modern threats to our natural ecosystems. To create and restore healthy plant communities, exotic and invasive species control is imperative.

Our trained specialists are skilled at noxious plant control, treatment, and removal. Our staff includes licensed herbicide applicators, prescribed burn technicians and a complete array of equipment to perform large scale control projects.

We are experienced in the identification and management of:

Garlic Mustad
garlic mustard 

Autumn Olive
Autumn Olive 

Crown vetch
crown vetch 

exotic honey shuk

Multiflora Rose


Box Elder
box elder 

Spotted Knotweed
spotted knotweed 

Black Locust
black locust 

Japanese Knotweed
japanese knotweed 

Leafy Spurge
leafy spurge 

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